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The One 2s – EP 2

The sprawling, smoky, and oh so sultry ‘Blank Stare’, is a moment on the One 2s second EP with vocals that drive the listener hard in the direction of Chrissy Hynde.

The One 2s - EP 2At almost six minutes long, it’s an expressive track that features some surprises along the way, with squealing guitars that add texture and tone to the mix. Once it’s finally faded out, like the final choke of a candle that finally dies out, ‘Cryer’ shoulders its way into the forefront. You’d be forgiven for being surprised by its brash, blustering bravado. But look beneath the tough exterior and you’ll find an introspective, shoegazey core. The screaming vocals can’t hide the fact that this is really a soppy song that has been roughed up  – no vocals, just vocalisations, hums, and noises – there’s a delicious warmth here, rich like hot chocolate. On ‘Pop The Ripper’, we are treated to a sheer iceberg of glacial reverbs and shoegazey indie cool, while the slightly cynical sounding ‘I Can See’, with its reverb washed guitar, would fit perfectly on an XX track record. Closing with the aforementioned ‘Blank Stare’, the final track serves as the ideal way to bring the One 2s’ second EP to its inevitable conclusion, and to leave a pleasant taste in one’s mouth.

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