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The Pels Syndicate – Transfer Of My Affections

The Pels Syndicate - TOMA cover 300

With Transfer Of My Affections, The Pels Syndicate have produced a record that blends experimental dance music with classic dubstep, house, and elements of trad jazz.

‘Butterflies’ certainly makes use of all these genres and elements, and explodes into a hyperactive melee of electronics towards the end of its sub five minute runtime which is over surprisingly quickly.

‘Shattered Hope’ is altogether different; a scratchy dreamscape with steel-drum sounds that give an eastern feel, before the burnt edges of overdriven tones kick in which emphasis the bitcrushed beats flickering at the sidelines.

Extra helpings of dubstep drops and bleeps are to be found on ‘Floating Mind’, a cascade of euphoric house ideal for starting off a Friday night, while ‘Gates Of Paradise’ makes use of full on cheesed-out pianos and squelchy synths. It’s certainly to a touch of the 80s to it, and there’s a cheeky sense of humour laced throughout the track that acts as a kind of comic relief amidst the relative seriousness of the rest of Transfer Of My Affections.

Other tracks such as ‘Pleasant Hypertension’ are more cinematic, almost film score-like – minimalist and atmospheric, and ‘Horizontal Sensations’ which plods along much like a sideways scrolling platform game.

Transfer Of My Affections is an interesting collection of tracks from The Pels Syndicate, with a rich variety of styles all contributing to the sharp electronica that runs throughout it.

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