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The RA-6600 – The RA-6600

Blink or you’ll miss it – The RA-6600 speed through their self titled EP with joyous abandon, sprinkling lo-fi fun wherever they go.

The RA-6600‘Robert Wagner’s Lawyer’ immediately puts The RA-6600 in the wonky piano pop stable that holds bands such as Ben Folds Five and Grandaddy, with a sunny sense of fun and lo-fi slacker carelessness. ‘Pretty Face (Night In Salinas)’ powers along in a similar fashion, with its soaringĀ vocals that feature a call and return dynamic that fits perfectly with Daniel Olivas and Mark Medley’s piano and drums combo. ‘Before You Leave Her’ takes the chanceĀ to give a little more time for the song to breathe as a mid tempo track that is filled with yearning, and serves as the closest thing the EP has to a three minute pop song. ‘Nonversation’ acts as if it is a pencil sketch brought to life, leaping from the page and finding a new form in the sounds we are presented with, although it doesn’t quite come together in the same way as the rest of the songs available here. The EP concludes with ‘Partiac’, a live recording that presents the band in the extreme lo-fi form they appear to champion, and it gives some added texture and context to just what The RA-6600 are all about.

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