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The Saturators – Stacks

Based out of Brooklyn and Harlem, The Saturators have created their own unique brand of funk which draws on a wide range of other styles and influences. Bringing together the sounds of afrobeat, hip-hop and a healthy dose of dancehall, their energy is quite something else. ‘Stacks’ immediately presents this creative format, with Misha Savage’s spiky guitar work adding a crunchy, bluesy tone while Aiman Radzi’s timeless bass notes thunder through the track holding things together with ease. Add to that Redddaz’s silky smooth vocals which drip with soul and offer moments of soaring notes that add a chocolatey richness, and you’ll feel transported to a magical place of laid back lounge. Where ‘Stacks’ really stands out is the way it manages to use so much diversity while maintaining a strong consistency throughout. Once we reach the mid point where things pull back to let the gang vocals ring out, it suddenly feels like a real party tune where we are all invited to take part. Every element of the track is in its right place, with Matt Composure’s delicate keys providing an extra texture while Colin Taylor’s tight drums keep everything else in check. Add to that the flourishes of percussion from Theo Moore and Jen C. Nas, and it becomes clear that this is a 7-piece where everyone has a strong part to play which all comes together to create a singular and enigmatic sound that is fresh, funky, and fun.

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