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The Sixth Generation – Livin’ In A Small Town

‘Livin’ In A Small Town’ is the latest release from The Sixth Generation, and it’s bright, breezy, and packed with feel good harmonies.

TSG2You would be forgiven for being uncertain of exactly what to expect when the track’s first few bars play out, partly due to the slightly lo-fi feel that leaves the listener unsure of where things are going. As the track unfolds, ‘Livin’ In A Small Town’ turns out to be the kind of tune that nuzzles up to you and embeds itself whether you want it to or not. The harmonies are delightful, while the guitars are bright and jangly, just like those of the Byrds or the Thrills. There’s even a hint of the Beach Boys at times when the chord progressions head in some less orthodox directions. Add to that the unassuming drums that patter along like an old friend, which feel somewhat like the kind of thing you might expect on any number of Teenage Fanclub tracks, this is pure feel good music. Sometimes you come across a tune that you know there is no real rational reason to be into it, but for whatever reason there seems to be something special going on that you just can’t put your finger on. This is exactly where you will find that kind of curiosity, and your curiosity will be rewarded.


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