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The Synthetic Dream Foundation – The Witch King

Dark and thundering, The Synthetic Dream Foundation delivers moody industrial beats all served up with a side order of glitches.

a0403045046_10‘In The Realms Of The Unreal’ kicks things off with beats that initially feel like industrial by numbers, until the eerie off kilter choir voices come in. A weird cinematic atmosphere is created as the voices grow and build against the strings, male and female vocals ebb and flow, twisting and turning together around the wheezing, groaning beats. ‘The Human Harvest’, in much the same way, starts off sounding like a classic house track. Its wet, squelchy kick beat laying down a solid foundation, while a frenetic sequenced rhythm begins to flitter across the beat. As we move on, a creepy effected vocal arrives that feels like a frightening cyborg welcoming you to its run down, distorted, horror laden hotel. ‘In Letters Of Black Night’ opens with some of the darkest horns you will hear any time soon, creating a heaviness that threatens to crush your bones under its weight. As the choir returns, there is a lightness that works in contrast to the track’s musical backdrop. The Synthetic Dream Foundation brings the darkness into a place that will inspire your nightmares.

EP available at Bandcamp

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