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The Von – Nothing To Fear

Spiking and growling, ‘Nothing To Fear’ is an energy filled three minutes of rock that is ready made to spin your wheels.

The Von - Nothing To FearSouth Florida based The Von don’t mess around or waste any time at all in terms of delivery, this is rock with attitude that borrows from all the sensibilities of the perfectly constructed three minute pop songs. The classic vocals that nod towards Metallica and all those old masters create a sense of solidity and confidence, while the drum break towards the end of the track makes for an exciting change in dynamic. The full album version of the track allows for a little more room to manoeuvre, with more moments where the instruments are given the chance to really bust out and shine. The guitars chug with a heaviness that adds momentum, while also ringing out from time to time, lifting the tone of the track and adding harmonics that keep the song staying fresh and interesting throughout its duration. For a different approach that mixes things up a bit, check out the hectic, chopped up dubstep remix by Filip Hard. Elements are taken from the original and served up in a new way that gives the listener to engage with the song from an entirely different perspective.

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