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Together Pangea – Badillac

Kicking off with ‘Alive’, Together Pangea’sĀ Badillac leaps out of the speakers to grab the listener by the scruff of the neck and simply demands to be given attention.

badillacThere are some real old school punk rock vibes going on right here, with hints of the Stooges and the slightest nod to Kurt Cobain’s trademark scream. ‘Make Myself True’ keeps things thundering along with its tumultuous drums and Hives style guitar chords that cast a long look back to bands like the Ramones and the Pistols. Title track ‘Badillac’ moves in a warmer, less spiky direction, with a touch of americana that is supported by its strong bass and shuffling drums. ‘Does He Really Care’ opens sounding like wonky opening to the Pixies’ terrifying ‘Something Against You’, while single ‘Sick Shit’ manages to blend perfect punk rock with filthy lyrics and an absolutely relentless barrage of rock. This is an album from a band that shows their ability to perfectly balance nutzo lyrics with a musical style that doesn’t hide its influences, made all the more apparent on the closing track ‘Where The Night Ends’ with its deceptively gentle opening that gradually comes undone as it progresses towards the record’s ultimate end, feeling more like its own self destruction. In a good way.

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