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Tom Greer – Say It

Tom Greer - Say ItMusic and memories, two partners who can never be separated. Whatever we listen to, there will be those times when moments from the near or distant past will come back to us. The tone that runs through Tom Greer’s ‘Say It’ conjures up all kinds of memories associated with classic jazz sounds, creating a smoky atmosphere akin to the work of Miles Davis or Charles Mingus. The notes are easy going, drawn out, creating a gentle background for featured vocalist Sarah Wade to lay down her own notes. Add to that the scattered guitar notes which are laced with their own spiky distortion and the distant, unassuming brass tones, there’s a sense of being taken on a journey which may or may not have a defined route. To be sure, the destination is defined, and sometimes in sight, but ‘Say It’ is a song that takes great delight in taking the listener down a few alternative paths to stop and smell the roses along the way. Certainly, it’s a song that sits very firmly within its own category – metal heads and indie kids, move along – but it’s also a song that will have an appeal for those who get a kick out of those jazzy, laid back tones.

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