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Tommy Roumanas – She Keeps Me Rockin’

With a cheeky lo fi false start, Tommy Roumanas’ ‘She Keeps Me Rockin’ is exactly the frayed at the edges piece of rock it thinks it is.

artworks-000104666595-wacfx0-t500x500While it might be fair to say there’s not a huge about in terms of originality (the track takes cues from a whole host of classic rock acts), it more than makes up for it with its huge sound. Swirling organs roll around, the guitars leap in and out of the scene at all the right moments, and Tommy Roumanas’ voice has that edge of confidence that is needed for  track of this kind to truly stand up and be noticed. In many ways the track presents itself as the ideal pop rock anthem, and as a result it leaves the listener hoping that this is not simply a flashing in the pan, and that Roumanas has more under his belt to keep his listeners happy. A full album of songs that come in at the same standard as ‘She Keeps Me Rockin’ would by no means be a bad thing, and the evidence so far would seem to suggest that that may well be a very real possibility.

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