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Tonye – Criminal

Tonye’s ‘Criminal’ is a passionate and energetic piece of afrobeat, with its skittering beats and layered harmonies.

Tonye1Leaning at times towards a similar vocal tone to Rihanna, Tonye has her own distinctive voice that is used very much as an instrument in its own right. The vocal is very much treated with a healthy dose of autotune which rather than feeling hackneyed or indulgent, it helps to crate a very unique feel for the track, with many moments where it actually manages to really glue things together. As the track unfolds, a sassy rave organ tone appears in the mix, which gives a good contrast against the more ethnic tones of the track’s percussion and the staccato piano tones that manages to stand out throughout the entire song. If you’re new to the afrobeat scene, Tonye’s music is an excellent first point of entry, as there is plenty here to be enjoyed by fans of pop and R&B, while at the same time offering an introduction to a rich genre of music that is so often relegated to a more specialist area. At this time of year as we hit the middle of summer, this is the perfect soundtrack for chilling out and taking some time to soak up the sun.

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