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Torrey Mercer – Be Your Own Hero / Lies and Lipstick

Falling somewhere between the classic tones of Chrissie Hynde and the more modern sounds of Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, Torrey Mercer delivers a fresh sound that packs a powerful melodic punch.

Torrey_Mercer_photo‘Be Your Own Hero’ is something of a curious piece of pop music. Starting out sounding a little thin, the track builds over time as its thumping four to the floor dance beat pummels its way through the song’s three and a half minute running time. The Katy Perry comparisons have to be expected, but the question is what does Torrey Mercer have going for her to stand out from the pop crowd? The reality is that ‘Be Your Own Hero’ doesn’t quite have what it takes to stand up against past anthems such as ‘Firework’ (and let’s not even go near ‘Roar’), but on its own terms, this is a fun track that deserves to be well loved by many pop listeners.

‘Lies and Lipstick’ pushes well into the Avril Lavigne arena – think ‘Girlfriend’ or ‘He Wasn’t’ – with a strong and steady build. The main issue with the track is that the chorus is almost indistinguishable from the verse, certainly in terms of arrangement and dynamic, feeling more like a pre chorus and leaving the song itself sounding somewhat unfinished. But let’s not be too harsh – Torrey Mercer’s vocal tone and sheer pop excitement is a lot of fun and these tracks are ready made radio friendly pop.

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