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Transcendent 7 – Now It’s My Turn

transcendent7-now-its-my-turn‘Now It’s My Turn’ offers big beats, blended with shards of bright synth tones, making this a versatile track for dance and electronica lovers anywhere. The bass line that underpins the track is deceptively simple, holding everything together without overly drawing attention to itself or overwhelming the rest of the song. Unsurprisingly, it’s when the vocals kick in that the listener is pulled in, with the titular refrain “Now it’s my turn” painting a picture of one who may have been waiting their whole life for that one chance. It’s something every human can relate to – we’ve all been waiting for something at some point and some of us might have had the fortune to find it while others end up waiting for an inordinate amount of time and no indication of how much longer it’s going to be. The track’s mid point is where there is a real moment of interest in the music, as things pull back for a moment before lurching forward once more and a brittle sequence of notes are played out which add real texture and contrast to the song’s arrangement. While ‘Now It’s My Turn’ might not be setting out to break any boundaries in the area of dark, synthy dance music, it’s still worth a spin for anyone with a passing interest in the genre.

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