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Pinto and the Bean – Transit-Eons

Opening with ‘Eagle Kid’, Pinto and the Bean’s Transit-Eons is enigmatic, quirky, and filled with a real indie pop rock vibe.

COVER ARTWORKOn that first track, things unfold in a fascinating way. Starting out with a quiet beat and peaceful vocals, eventually we are thrust into an explosion of electric guitars that creates a psychedelic backdrop. ‘Safari’ offers guitars dripping in reverb and a curious other wordly feel, sitting somewhere between college rock and something you might hear from a tribe in a rainforest. Taking things further, ‘Gunshot’ harnesses some great electro tones that nod towards Chvrches, with an addictive drumbeat that flutters through the track, while ‘Better Off Alone’ uses warm, warm synths that perfectly encapsulates the track’s lyrics, “The sun’s been shining down on this town.” Pinto and the Bean do a good job of playing with dynamics and a variety of sounds, all the while sticking to a style that is very much unique to them. ‘Teenage Love’ feels like a darker moment on the album, with a deep beat and moody synths that are laced with angry distortion, before we finally come to the concluding ‘Beyond The Sun’. At this ending point, we are given a strange blend of dark tones and joyous, uplifting whistles. Strange and cleverly constructed, this is indie for people who like to think about what they are listening to.

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