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Twenty Two B – Karma Is A Bitch

Twenty Two B bursts into life with new track ‘Karma Is A Bitch’. It’s funk, Jim, but not as we know it. Make no mistake, the guitars are packed with attitude, growling and screaming their catchy riffs, while that deep kick drum thunders beneath it all to keep everything locked in place. There are moments where the track’s tone seems to channel that aggressive, sexual tone that R.E.M. went for on 1994’s Monster, all glam and jumped up, full of testosterone and bravado. It’s something we don’t see so much of these days, and as a result ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ comes over as somewhat refreshing while at the same time in your face with its playful aggression. Throughout the track there are unmistakable moments that nod back to particular influences – there’s a healthy dose of Guns n Roses going on here (think ‘Welcome To The Jungle’) and that is all a big part of the bravado and masculinity that runs through it. In the end what we’re being given here is a big, bold, and blustering piece of funk rock that stands up and demands to be heard amongst all the other noise that surrounds it. It might not be breaking any boundaries, but it’s got plenty going for it to get heads bobbing and toes tapping.

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