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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

From it’s opening moments, Multi-Love is a blistering, wonky record that offers blissed out dreamscapes wrapped up in a cozy blanket of left field indie oddness.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-LoveAlbum opener and title track ‘Multi-Love’ sets the scene very well, and perfectly encapsulates where alternative music is at while we hit the middle of 2015. Just as Django Django’s eponymously titled album from 2012, there’s something about this kind of music that just feels right for right now. Ruban Neilson’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra isn’t afraid to take a handful of risks and try some experimentation either – ‘Like Acid Rain’ features a hazy and distant feel like the kind of sound we’ve come to expect from the Go! Team’s washed out samples, while ‘Ur Life One Night’ honks and parps its melody out as if it doesn’t even care who is listening. At points, Multi-Love sounds very much like an album that is doing things for itself, unafraid of any external judgement and simply enjoying its own music for its own sake. This is where music becomes true art, expressive and intentional, not pandering to any perceived expectations but offering something true and pure. ‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone’ harnesses some of the most irresistible funk tones and presents them in its own unique wonky, indie pop package, with some tongue in cheek slap bass that is pure disco. Throw in some cheeky bossanova beats and you have all the makings of one of the greatest indie oddities you will listen to all year. At points it starts to sound like the Antlers on mountain dew and antidepressants. ‘Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty’ warbles and honks along like the soundtrack to a fifties sci-fi, while ‘The World Is Crowded’ takes a more restful approach. There’s plenty of moments on the album that feel something like Ariel Pink – most likely to do with the slightly washed out tone, the lo-fi vibe, and the androgynous vocals that sit somewhere between the Antlers and Passion Pit. This is all good reason to give the album a listen and enjoy it from start to finish. Sitting comfortably between whacked out artistry, this is music that dares to cross boundaries with a real sense of fun.

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