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Us Amongst The Rest – Follow The Truth


In the words of Glasgow post rockers Mogwai, Hardcore will never die, but you will. At least, according to the album title. With their new album Follow The Truth, Us Amongst The Rest unload a hefty dose of pure, unadulterated hardcore in the vein of Taking Back Sunday.

‘Fields Of Fray’ certainly heads along in the TBS tradition, with screams and yelps in all the right places, and punchy, staccato guitar riffs that pummel their way through the track. It keeps going, too, with ‘Love Is The Bull’ sounding something like 30 Seconds To Mars’ ‘From Yesterday’, filled with raw emotion and urgency.

There’s an energy in the guitars and a beauty to the vocal harmonies that is at times reminiscent of mid-era Underoath, which is somewhat refreshing at a time where hardcore and screamo has died down a little recently.

On ‘Bring The Fuel’, the vocals lean towards Thrice, always on the edge of cracking but holding on to things sufficiently to sound great throughout the track, which at points reminds me of The Receiving End of Sirens’ gutsy harmonies.

With Follow The Truth, Us Amongst The Rest have produced a thrilling, and more importantly loud album positively bristling with emo hooks and hardcore punches, making this an album that’s worth getting excited about.

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