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Vin Deca – I Encourage You

As a remix of a previously released track, this version of ‘I Encourage You’ brings the track bang up to date.

VinDeca_ftMYRA_COVER_350Opening with exciting beats and swooping bass tones, ‘I Encourage You’ builds and develops towards its engaging chorus, with the lead vocal wrapping itself around the synth stabs and driving rhythm. It’s an ideal party track that will be an appreciated contribution┬áto a dance playlist. Vocally there are some sketchy moments, where the lyrics get a litle swallowed – witness “much easier” turn into “much cheesier”, and “eat you up” into “itchy cup”. However, the dynamics of the track manage to hold the attention throughout, as it starts softly and builds, leading into its hyped up chorus, with plenty of moments along the way to stop off and catch its breath. All the while there is the sense of momentum, that speed is gathering and all the while we are moving towards a big conclusion. And a big conclusion we get, as the track brings itself headlong towards its final point of expression, and there is a sense of resolution that allows for the listener to be comfortably ready for the next track on offer, which is exactly the job a good dance track should be doing to keep.

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