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Vitne – Winter Love Song

Rich and sweeping wide, Vitne’s ‘Winter Love Song’ is a perfect Christmas time soundtrack full of glacial tones and emotive sounds.

a1285388877_10Harking back to a classic 80s glam style – and who wouldn’t want that? – what sets Vitne’s sound apart is the addition of a swirling psych rock feel that runs through the track. The beauty is found in the construction – the component parts of the track all come together to form a solid and coherent piece of alternative rock – the swirling chorus laden guitars at the start, the solid bass line that sits like a cement foundation beneath everything, and the emotional vocals that pull in the listener to hang on every word and every note that is held. By the time the song has tipped beyond its mid point, it is when things really start getting serious, shifting into a more explosive and energetic sound as the guitars really rumble with distortion, allowing the squealing solo to step in and take centre stage, before finally stepping back to allow the track to finally settle down in a calm fashion, reminding us that this is a ‘Winter Love Song’. It might be an unusual choice to place this on your Christmas playlist, but it wouldn’t be at all out of place.

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