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W.B. and The Geezers – You see old! I see history!

This summer, as the sun starts to really beat down on us, why not sit back and get lost in some classic country tunes delivered fresh from W.B. and The Geezers.

From the first spin, ‘Weekend Angel’ positively drips with a rich americana vibe – the slide guitars swell with beauty, blending with a more modern rock sound that works well to make the music feel right for listening to right now, while also making regular nods back to all the classic music that is frequently referenced. Like all good country, there’s a sense of journeying throughout the album, and it’s not just because of any references to cars or driving (which to be fair are here in good measure), but the whole sequence of songs create a path of progression.

The album’s title track, ‘You see old! I see history’ gets it totally right in putting the sentiment across, unpacking the deeper idea of the way it is so easy to judge a person from first glance. The same could be said of the country genre in general, which can be so easily overlooked as being a style of music that only serves itself. But what we have here is some creative and carefully produced music that invites anyone who might be even slightly interested to step in and give it a try.

And let’s not ignore the tongue-in-cheek fun of ‘Delta Gamma Sigma’ which opens with a gospel feel (“Glory, glory, hallelujah”) before tumbling into an upbeat piece of joy that rolls and sways along with a few political points for good measure, while ‘Children Of The Streets’ turns things down to a more mid tempo level of seriousness, looking towards those in more vulnerable situations.

It’s certainly an album that takes the listener on all kinds of directions – the hilarious ‘Round Bottomed Girls’ works well as a well meaning ode to to the curvier ladies without being offensive, while ‘Ocean Blue’ heads off on a virtual cruise along the coastal shores, and ‘The Earth Till Spins’ serves up a smoky, bluesy piece of lounge infused country.

It’s a point worth repeating that You see old! I see history! is so drenched in a summery vibe that it’s the perfect soundtrack for a backyard party. While it is certainly fair to say that it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste – let’s be honest, back to basics country music isn’t for everyone – but for a lot of people looking for some feel good music, this is sure to cheer folks up.




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