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War Poets – Hot & Cold: American Relationships

‘Say No More’ opens sounding like a mid eighties R.E.M. track and develops during its running time to build into an entirely engaging song, with its vocals shared between male and female leads.

War Poets - Hot & Cold: American Relationships‘Perfect One’ feels more sedate, with hints of psychedelia and daisy chains. It’s a track that feels like there’s something missing in the mix – the song itself has been constructed just fine, but the acoustic guitar feels as though it wants something more substantial underneath it, like the gorgeous organ that features in ‘Upside Down’. That third track on the EP manages to create a real skyscraper of soft rock that is sure to make toes tap and heads sway, with its delightful staccato cutaways. ‘Know The Way’ pulls things right back, with an easy going vibe that paints a picture of gently following a dusty road, while ‘Bits and Pieces’ manages to construct a delicate framework that feels both fragile and resilient. The female vocal is strong, carrying the song’s melody with a deep confidence, while the guitars gradually begin to smoulder and rumble, adding depth and substance to the track’s scaffolding. Closing with ‘Ones Who Love’, Hot & Cold: American Relationships arrives at a confident conclusion, musically dynamic and vocally confident.

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