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Warme – Council House Opera

It would be easy to gloss over Bradford rock outfit Warme’s latest track ‘Council House Opera’ as just another Oasis knock off, but that would be to ignore its depths that require the listener to dig a little further.

2591008Let’s be honest, Lee Walsh’s vocal does lean heavily towards the Gallagher school of gravelly rock singing, and the tone of the track sits somewhere between the laddish swagger of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory and the Beatles psych rock of Be Here Now. But so what? If bands like the Vaccines can come along and rework the classic sounds that have gone before, why not a resurgence of clattering, hot headed pub rock? By the time the track has come to its end (just shy of four minutes, the perfect rock anthem length) the soaring melody from the chorus will be ringing in your ears making you beg for a second listen. Rest assured it will bring back memories of the days when British rock ruled the airwaves, and will fill you with hope that the time is here once again for guitar bands to step out and be recognised.

‘Council House Opera’ is released on 20th July 2015

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