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When The Clock Strikes – The Better Friends EP

Smashing into place with a bang, When The Clock Strikes deliver their own brand of high-octane punk that is packed with bravado and energy.

artworks-000187605247-oixj0k-t500x500Kicking off with ‘Too Many Cooks’, the band’s sound is surprisingly retro, very much looking back to the classic emo-punk bands of the early 2000s while at the same time bringing with it their own modern edge which becomes particularly evident on the track’s closing moments with lashings of echo that creates a huge space for the song to reverberate around in. From there we jump straight in to ‘Better Friends’, which holds on to that classic punk aesthetic with its fizzing guitar tones and clattering drums that speed the song along at a thrilling pace. ‘Fair Weather’ opens with a pummelling bassline that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Blink-182 track, while the pop chords of the chorus lace the song with a feel-good vibe that resonates throughout. It’s on ‘Redemption’ however that a more mature tone suddenly breaks through, with guitars that lean more towards a post-hardcore vibe and treated vocals that add some depth and bite to the song’s construction. When The Clock Strikes have truly put together a collection of punk infused tunes that have plenty of melodies and vocal hooks to keep pretty much anyone listening attentively from start to finish.

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