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Whiskey N’ Rye – Whiskey N’ Rye


Opening with a guitar lick not a million miles away from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, it’s immediately clear that Whiskey N’ Rye are here to bring a healthy dose of good ol’ American rock and roll.

‘Bootlegger’ is laced with lap steel, harmonicas, and cowboy boots. It’s an uplifting tune that you’ll want to add to your summer playlist, and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to bluesy rock.

‘Make Love’ heads in a grittier, moodier direction, with a driving guitar section that explodes into an exciting lead part which isn’t without its occasional surprises.

‘Until The End’ brings things down a little, with a more stripped back acoustic flavour. There’s a bit of a Ryan Adams vibe – the track wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Gold’ – with gorgeous female backing vocals and a soaring strings section.

‘All I Ask’ has it all – honky tonk pianos, gospel vocals, screaming guitars, and wailing harmonicas. It’s a blues number that pulls out all the stops that delivers on every level and is impossible not to enjoy.

‘Come Back Home’ continues the driving road-trip tunes – namechecking the band along the way – while ‘Rebel Man’ parts 1 and 2 create a sprawling epic vista that builds and builds as its story unfolds.

The album concludes with ‘Before The Cock Crows’ – a guilty pleasure of hair-metal, with its tumbling drums and squealing guitars – and a final sea shanty, ‘Seattle Drinking Song’ for good measure.

Whiskey N’ Rye deliver tunes in spades, and their debut album is well polished. Check it out.

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