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Wings Of Glory – Boat Angel (Reyer Remix)

Another Reyer remix for Boat Angel’s ‘Wings Of Glory”, with more beats and synths to lift your spirits.

Kicking off with an insistent beat and a breezy, airy tone that swirls around the ears as the track begins to unfold, the positivity is almost tangible as it lifts the listener high up into the clouds. Soon a cheekier tone begins to reveal itself, whistling and cutting through the mix as if calling everyone around to move closer to join in. As the vocals come in, at first things seem like they might be about to get repetitive, the line “In the shadow of your wings” goes around for a few times before releasing into “I find joy.” The positive lyrics lend themselves well to the track’s overall feel good vibe, and as the bass notes kick in, we find ourselves moving into Owl City territory, leaning towards a cross between electronica and CCM dance music. Eventually the lyrics lead us into a place of being carried away into a place of joy and peace, with eagles wings being referred to, which creates a very uplifting feel. The only thing the track really lacks is a strong and clear change in dynamic. As a result, what we are presented with is fairly linear, moving back and forth between the verse and chorus but without anything special to lift things to really hold the attention. Having said that, it’s yet again a remix that will get plenty of toes tapping and will certainly bring some positive vibes.

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