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Wonky Tonk – Stuff We Leave Behind

It should come as no surprise that ‘Wonky Tonk’ deliver quirky, offbeat music, so buckle up and get ready for some angular female fronted pop tunes.

a3448813756_10‘I’ll Turn The Radio On’ opens the record in a stripped back, acappella style, with Jasmine Poole’s vocals moving between up front and alone and layered harmonies. ‘Cleveland’ sees hectic instrumentation which blends a variety of styles that somehow manage to merge Courtney Love with Au Revoir Simone and the Vivian Girls. Let it be said that if you’re a fan of Best Coast, it’s likely this is going to be for you. ‘Billings MT’ rocks and rolls with a sweetness to it, while ‘Denmark’ features Pavement inspired angular guitars enriched with warm vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on a She & Him record. Throughout the album there are moments of peace, such as on the woozy warmth of ‘Tennessee’ and the country stylings of ‘Parkland Avenue’ where there is a curious blend of cutesy fun and ever so slightly melancholic navel gazing. ‘Saffin Avenue’ cranks things up a bit, bursting out as a four to the floor foot stomper, while ‘One For The Juke’ once more turns to a moment of introspection. Be assured, Stuff We Leave Behind is a creative collection of tunes that have carved out their own path, never falling into boredom or imitation but always offering interest and a love for the music.

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