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Worldwide Groove Corporation – Make Me Free

Five tracks, all vastly different remixes sharing a common vocal – Worldwide Groove Corporation’s ‘Make Me Free’ is a creative experiment in making music with more unusual approaches.

0004869495_10The Water Lily Chillout Mix is indeed an ideal chillout track, the king of thing you might want to put on when relaxing with your significant other over a glass of red wine, while the Black Orchid mix heads in an entirely different deep house direction. There are thudding drums and clanking, almost industrial tones, and the chorus feels like something so utterly different to the first track. The music continues to be wildly diverse, with the Portarius Melodic Dubstep Mix giving a spaced out, dubby feel with its pitch shifted vocals and glorious drops, while the Hot Azalea Electro Mix manages to bring together various elements from the previous two tracks and recreate them into its own new feel. In fact, it buzzes with its own energy, feeling completely fresh and new. The final mix is the Sweet Jasmine Acoustic, the perfect way to show off the song as a stripped back track with a tender piano part which allows the vocal to really stand out and shine. Looking back over these five tracks, it really is an incredible achievement to use the same vocal recording and create so many varied and diverse tunes. Highly recommended just to see how it is possible to pull off an achievement like this.

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