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Worldwide Groove Corporation – Standard Chill

Opening with ‘Our Love Is Here To Stay’, Worldwide Groove Corporation’s sound immediately puts itself out there and gets right into your ears as clean, fresh and sets itself up as the idea music for lounging around for a few cocktails.

a0828718378_10The classic ‘Summertime’ puts glacial notes all over, creating a contrast between cool chillout and warm beach tones. Warmth is the key word, notably seen on ‘When I Fall In Love’, with its cosy piano chords and kick drum thuds, while ‘Tangerine’ plays with various synths and organs to create a more psychedelic sound that eventually shifts into a tiki lounge soundtrack for you to unashamedly tap your feet along to. ‘Besame Mucho’ is perfectly pleasant if missable, while ‘Angel Eyes’ takes the production into new places with its reversed samples and glitchy cuts that lead into a forward focused drum beat that lays a foundation for Ingrid MuMosch’s sultry, smouldering vocals. ‘My Funny Valentine’ blends a dark and ominous bass line with skittering drums and unfolding synth tones that gather like sonic clouds  in the mix, while ‘Fever’ holds on to that darker tone to give a familiar song a whole new sound. Closing with ‘Mas Que Nada’, Standard Chill reaches its conclusion by staying true to the sound that runs deep in its veins, with a fun lounge piano blended in with the latin percussion. If you’ve got a cocktail party coming up and it needs a soundtrack, look no further.

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