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Xai – Write It On A Wall

Crashing onto the scene from Melbourne, Australia, Xai smashes together dubstep and grime with an undercurrent of pop as seen through the lens of Lady Gaga.

avatars-000145999649-nbcmye-t200x200Her debut single ‘Write It On A Wall’ is singularly impressive, making a strong statement with its powerful sound and sense of fearlessness. Breaking down the track to its component parts, it certainly nods to the aforementioned Lady Gaga as it begins, before lurching into dubstep rattles, throbs, and distorted vocals. As Xai’s vocal steps into the ring, she poses and flexes her sonic muscles while the rave tones flicker in the background. Of course, once the expected dubstep wub-wubs appear, it is both a welcome sound while at the same time things are so torn up and thrown around that there is a sense of disturbance at the same time. It all makes for a thrilling listen with all kinds of twists and turns, and plenty of hidden elements to discover on closer inspection with headphones. Add to that the fact that it’s all just a bit grubby, a little grimy and dark, and you’ve got a hot piece of up to the minute electronica that will leave fans positively begging for more.

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