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ysimonis – Regular N*gg#


Fair warning: ysimonis dishes out a particular style of hiphop which might be offensive to some more sensitive ears. I repeat – be warned!!!

His lyrics are crude and immediately catch your attention – on the opening track ‘Pussay’ he leaves no doubt he is here to stir things up, as he raps gleefully considering lady parts.

Things don’t seem to change in terms of tone or theme as the album progresses – ‘She Got Me’ sees ysimonis bragging about how he has had his way with another man’s woman, while ‘Head’ and ‘Flash Dem T*tties’ are about exactly what you might expect.

ysimons’s style is slurring and laid back, without the self-assured aggression so often found in many mainstream hiphop artists. The overall production of the record at points feels loose and bare – not necessarily a negative point, this is the sound that is being offered. What is sometimes hard to see is how far the sentiment expressed on ‘Regular N*gg#’ is for real or more tongue-in-cheek, much like the character of Slim Shady in the skits recorded by Eminem.

Even so, if you’re looking for some low-brow hiphop to amp up your next party, check out ysimonis. But don’t invite your mother.

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