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Zero Verdict – Clarity


Zero Verdict’s sound is up front and no-nonsense. On their latest EP, Clarity, there are hints of influences ranging from Metallica on the vocals to guitarwork reminiscent of Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave.

It’s not soft rock by any means, and if you like your rock with a good helping of metal and attitude, then you can’t go too far wrong with Zero Verdict.

Opening with ‘The Perfect White Lie’, the lyrics are filled with dramatic vibrato that works seamlessly with the equally cutting and clanking guitars that shred their way through the track. There’s even a hint of Muse in the way the rhythm section powers through, the bass and drums pummelling their way along.

‘Alone’ is sparkier and treblier in tone, with Sami Huotari’s vocals reaching for the stars at points pushing towards a falsetto, and maintaining the sense of drama, while ‘Lost In A Haze’ drops things down somewhat with its guitars dripping in chorus and tremolo. Its tone comes off feeling heavily inspired by early 2000s Creed era nu-metal, and with no less heart and soul that was so often displayed from bands around that time. At over seven minutes in length, it gives more time to explore the band’s prog interests, and at points feels like the guitars need to be given more room to let rip for more than a few bars at a time.

Closing the EP with its eponymous track, ‘Clarity’ is tinged with latin tones, and takes a good minute and a half before the wailing Satriani-esque guitars come in to the mix. The organ that is added in sounds great on the track too, creating a suitable background as the guitars begin to build and create at atmospheric, epic sound.

Zero Gravity have produced an engaging EP that sticks to the prog rock blueprint while adding in some unique twists to the formula. Check out Clarity for some all out rawk!

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