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1700 Monkey Ninjas – Slagg II


‘Slagg II’ by 1700 Monkey Ninjas (the electronic moniker of Ed Purchla) is a psychotic, abrasive barrage of electronica that at times sounds like Rustie being put through a broken blender and played backwards over a broken, overdriven Burial record.

Opening with a sample of Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais’ feckless Northern sidekick, there’s a sense of the absurd and the profound: “That’s what art is, isn’t it. It’s you being free of all the world’s heaviness.”

As a result, the track itself straddles a fascinating area between insane experimentalism and the jouyous beauty found in pressing all the buttons at once to see what happens. It’s exciting and creative, never sticking to any one motif or hook, but blissfully ploughing its way ahead through a snowstorm of chiptune glitches. The brilliance of it all is the way it manages to sound so experimental while it shows other indicators of careful arrangement when you look more closely at its construction.

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