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Al-x – Always

A surprise hit here from Al-x; ‘Always’ is fresh and bright, with a feel good summery sound to lift everyones mood.

11081012_10205116063998540_520885010118457921_n-1Starting with a depth and a sweetness in her vocal, there is certainly a hint of influence from Taylor Swift here, which is no bad thing given the height of the popularity of that particular singer songwriter right now. What we have here in ‘Always’ is a perky, fun blend of pop and dance beats that use a bare acoustic guitar as its main foundation. By the time the song has managed to really get its hook into your head, there is a gorgeous breakdown as the instrumentation pulls pack to allow the vocal to stand out and let the song’s melody stand out all the more. There is no doubt that this is one of those tracks that once you have heard it, the hook will be buzzing around in your head for the next few days – further evidence that Al-x has got what it takes to get the following she deserves. Perfect for those times either taking a walk, driving in the car, or even kicking off a party to get people feeling good, ‘Always’ is the idea three minute pop song to get everyone nearby feeling great.

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