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Amery Rey Tuesta – Mr. Black Pants

Luis Antonio Amery Rey Tuesta, or just “Amery Rey” to the rest of us, is something of a prolific character. Hailing from Peru, his work spans a range of styles and is a testament to the passion he holds towards creating music and creating something with authenticity.

a1646983019_2Mr. Black Pants is, from the very start, an album filled with fresh, fun beats and a keen sense of humour. Opening with ‘You Don’t Understand’, the Peruvian roots are immediately apparent, while laced with a slightly manic tone. The blending of South American brass with distorted guitars is at times mind-bending, but an utter thrill. ‘Un Lugar Mejor’ holds on to that very same feel, powering ahead with a squealing guitar that is as aggressive as it is soothing – a strange mixture that creates a kind of dream-like state. Amery Rey Tuesta’s vocals provide a particularly arresting feel at times – ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ sees his voice wailing and crooning as if performing a dance with the music, winding around it and blending with the song’s ebb and flow. This is all before the utter ferocity of ‘Roar’ which positively explodes with energy, its bristling guitars spluttering with a tone that feels slightly rusty at the edges, and some bass notes that create a terrifying euphoria.

At its heart, this is an album that in many ways defies categorising. At times Tuesta’s vocal leans towards the angry politi-rap of Rage Against The Machine, while at others there is a more melodic, world music vibe that on occasion wanders in the direction of Santana. As such, there are moments to be found that offer a certain moment of calm. Of course, I use the word calm tentatively – for example, on ‘Ironic Life’, there is a beautiful swelling organ that creates a degree of peace, while over time the instrumentation builds up over it, once more constructing the signature frenetic and cataclysmic tones that are so regularly provided. The real fun is when a more unusual guitar tone reveals itself – a moment of flamenco here, the twang of jazz there – there are times throughout the album when a new sound will pop up and surprise you. Add to that the fact that there are tracks that are so tight and filled with energy, like the blistering ‘What Did You Say’, that scrabbles along at a breakneck pace with soaring guitars that create a hugely uplifting feel.

The diversity of style and tone is also very welcome – the parping brass on ‘My House’ shifts things into a kind of manic jazz-lounge aesthetic, while ‘What Do You Mean’ manages to blend a two-tone ska vibe with a smoky blues feel. Ultimately, Mr. Black Pants is a surprising collection of tunes – perhaps not immediately what you might have expected, but on the whole an album that blends together some classically Latin tones with a post-Nirvana grunge underbelly.

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