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Angus Crowne – Angus Crowne and the Family Jewels

There’s a distinct lack of ukelele-punk-folk, so with that in mind it can only be a good thing that Angus Crowne is here to fill that void.

Angus Crowne and the Family JewelsFrom the opening bars of ‘Cold Soup’ it’s clear that something different is going on here. Despite there being hints of Weezer and Ben Folds, the purity of the folk side of the use of ukelele means that there is a constant underlying question; is this genuine or ironic OR can it be both? See for yourself on Heart And Soul (which for so many will bring memories of Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ flooding back). There’s a real sense of fun going on here, all the while held together with that wistful Pacific Isle-esque ennui. Having said that, there are song moments of bluster and bravado, with the punk infused ‘Kitty’ that squeals and squalls just like its errant feline namesake. There’s plenty of fun to be found on …and the Family Jewels – ‘Man Bun’ is a cutting analysis of the latest hipster fads, and by juxtaposing such a concept against instrumentation as classic as folksy ukes and some pretty harmonies just makes it all the more effective. As an album, it’s certainly not going to be to everyone’s taste, but there are some moments to be found that many will enjoy – it’s a folk punk album you can take home to your mother.

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