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Charles Luck & Tino Red – Limitless: Lost In Space

Charles Luck is back. As expected, there’s more of that cosmically inspired hip hop unique to the brand. Just as Bowie once asked if there is life on Mars, we are catapulted into deep space and invited to take a look at the Earth from afar. There are reflections on the planet’s growing population, with an underlying question – where are we all headed? So often humans can feel alone in a crowd, just one of many on a rock hurtling through space, and the track certainly manages to harness that sense of existential loneliness. Musically there are nods to that classic song of sadness, Mad World, that was so expertly made use of in the similarly philosophical Donnie Darko. And yet, this isn’t a song to drag you down or get you overly sad, as there is another tone that runs through it which offers a sense of hope and expectation. While we all might be individuals looking for meaning, in reality we are all in this together. We’re all lost in space. But in the end we are all headed somewhere, we all have a destiny, it’s just that the chances are it just might take a lifetime to really get to the point where we find out what it’s all about.

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