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Float Like A Buffalo – Enjoy The Ride

Float Like A Buffalo - Enjoy The RidePacked with great tones and attention grabbing hooks, Float Like A Buffalo’s Enjoy The Ride is a collection of sassy, atmospheric songs with a bluesy twist. The alternative rockers from Denver take cues from a number of influences – think Jack White and Foo Fighters – and deliver their own unique sound with a self assured confidence. ‘Whiskey Dreams’ opens with a held back and restrained attitude, before the band’s full arsenal is unleashed with exploding guitars and multiple vocals which weave together to create a big, bold sound. ‘Enjoy The Ride’ takes a familiar approach, taking a song structure that makes for an easy entry, with bluesy tones and a slight country vibe running through it, while ‘This Moment’ makes good use of spiky guitars and a rumbling bass that holds the song’s component parts together like a thick glue. Then we have ‘Dr’s Orders’, with its opening “Woah woah woah” gang vocals which crates a real sense of a band that is working closely together to define their sound. Curiously, it’s on ‘Smile For The Cameras’ that Float Like A Buffalo takes a slightly different turn, shifting towards more of a funk style, and further showing the band’s ability to embrace a diversity in tone and delivery. These boys got character!

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