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Interview – The Satisfactors

The Satisfactors are four musicians from four rock and roll bands, and we ran a few questions their way to get to know them a little better.

What’s the story of how the band got together?

3782b8d77a55ed831b57e3f4d0d759baThe band actually got together in the studio. It began with Bruce Ferguson asking me (Gar Francis) to write a few songs with him and just evolved into a band project. Kurt the owner of the studio we recorded in ( House Of Vibes) is also an excellent drummer who I’ve worked with a lot in the past was asked to play drums on the project. Kenny Aaronson was contacted by Bruce to play bass and it just happened that he didn’t live far from the studio. As we were recording it all came together like we were a band playing together for years. The talent and connection was just so natural between us that we just keep writing and recording and decided to make it a band.

What are the best songs of all time?

That’s almost impossible to say. I’m a big fan of the original garage rock of the sixties, and there are hundreds of great songs but to me it started with Louie Louie, Wild Thing and most of the songs by the Beatles,the Stones Dylan, the Animals and on and on. The songs that really moved you without all the pretense.

What is your dream city to play a gig in?

New York City of course.

What do you have coming up next that you are working on?

We are going to start rehearsing to do a bunch of live shows on the East Coast. And me personally I am working on finishing the 4th album for the Doughboys. I was set to write and produce for the new Yardbirds album but they may be taking a break for a while.

How can we stay up to date with what the band is up to?

You can check out what we are up to on the Bongo Boy Records website at www.bongoboyrecords.com or follow us on https://twitter.com/THESATISFACTORS

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