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Satellite Gods – Marker 7-58

Brendan McMahon’s Satellite Gods drop 13 new tracks in the form of new album Marker 7-58. It’s a solid rocker, with McMahon’s voice holding a strong command of his soaring melodies. Kicking off with ‘Falling To Earth’, we are immediately hit with a strong beat that pulls in the listener and stirs things up by blending together a powerful guitar part and vocal harmonies that create a positive feel, singing out “I feel so free”. The defiantly upbeat tone continues with ‘1 Through 8’, its gospel tinged voices mixed with spiralling organ notes create a classic rock sound that is as spiritual as it is grittily human. That organ turns out to be one of the key characteristics of the album, with its tone filled with character, as it joins in with the lead vocals to bring a perfectly complementary sound. In particular, it stands up and demands to be noticed on ‘The Truth’, winding its swirling sounds all around underneath the rest of the song’s instrumentation. There are moments of calm and introspection here too, with ‘Invisible’ offering a more stripped back sound that allows a darker tone to come forward. Chorus laden guitar notes shimmer on top of a bass line that locks into the track’s rhythm to establish a firm sense of self certainty. The softer moments are also the ones where Brendan McMahon’s own sensitivity comes to the forefront, with the album’s closing track ‘Walk’ delicately delivering a peaceful piano part forming the backdrop for some stunning vocals backed up with spine tingling harmonies. This is rock for sure, but it’s all heart too.

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