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Sheryl B Marymount – Complicated Needs

Bursting with a huge and sassy brass introduction, Complicated Needs is a showcase of Sheryl B. Marymount’s sultry jazz vocals from start to finish.

51zzoc-R7KL._SS280Expertly balancing an old school style with a more modern approach, Marymount manages to sound something like Amy Winehouse impersonating Ella Fitzgerald. The album’s title track itself takes the listener on a joyful walk through an easy going wander through jazz double bass lines, squawking muted trumpet, and of course Sheryl’s own unique vocals which draw the listener in. Complicated Needs satisfies on a number of levels – the music is tight and confident while at the same time having a sense of freedom to it that adds to its clarity, and Sheryl’s voice adds a peppery seasoning to the music that makes it altogether irresistible. By way of example, ‘Junkie’ moves in an even smoother, slower direction where her voice shifts into full on femme fatale mode – this is music that wouldn’t be out of place on any classic noir movie. Turn down the lights, light some candles, open a bottle and settle down to enjoy the entrancing tones on offer here for a sonic comfort blanket that will threaten to slowly kill you with pleasure.

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