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Sordid Party Time – Uprising Now!

Brutal and blistering, Sordid Party Time’s Uprising Now! offers a modern metal sound that will shake you to your core. With its growling, screeching guitars and darkly guttural vocals, the six tracks on offer rattle along at an insane pace with insistence and creativity. Opening with ‘Fun Game’ the band’s sound firmly establishes itself from the start and does a sterling job of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Pretenders beware, this is not for those of a nervous disposition or anyone who merely dabbles with metal. As a result, the first track acts as a signpost – abandon hope all ye who enter here! ‘Motivation Of The Blind’ continues with the same pace, this time with spikier guitars that threaten to burst the listener’s eardrums. Meanwhile, the thundering drums drag the track along like a wild animal with its newly captured prey, as though returning to its terrifying lair to satisfy its thirst for blood. There are also moments of alternative tones that appear, such as the glacial wash of the guitar notes on ‘Freak Show’ and mathy rhythm of ‘Spiral’. Make no mistake, this will be a real treat for those who like their metal with an experimental twist and love a strong, doomy vocal.




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