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Thomas Brunkard – A Never Ending Album


“The Never Ending Album is a Soundcloud stream that will be continually expanded for as long I can make music.

It’s a dynamic album – traditional albums are now largely made redundant by the internet. This aims to marry the curatorship of a traditional album with the internet audience’s need for continual content.”

Thomas Brunkard’s ambitious project is certainly an intriguing one, and only time will tell of its success. But what of the music itself?

‘GBH – Ghetto Barque Hymn’ covers a variety of styles, with the trademark bowed instruments, and intermittent guitar shredding. In fact, the gentle motif which pervades the track bears a striking resemblance to the James Bond theme, while managing to stand out on its own two feet.

‘Chain Gang Blues’ is a fusion of gypsy baroque music with spaghetti western themes. At what do you know – it really works! It’s the kind of tune that would fit incredibly well on a Tarantino soundtrack.

‘Menaçant’ is a hugely atmospheric piece, with haunting strings and an insistent percussion part. It’s eerie, and ever so slightly hypnotising, as it goes round and round and round…

Keep a close eye on Thomas Brunkard’s ‘Never Ending Album’. It’s growing all the time, and worth checking in on from time to time. Beautiful music.

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