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Tim Houlihan – Another Orion

From the opening bars of ‘I Get Lonesome, Too’, the first track on Tim Houlihan‘s Another Orion, there is a deep drawing from the well of country and Americana. That familiar melancholy that we are all used to within the genre is right here, and it is delivered in spades. Add to that Tim Houlihan’s rich and creamy vocals that blend with Patty Lacey’s divine harmonies, and you’ve got all the ingredients for some classic country sounds that will draw out a sense of sadness and at the same time gently wrap you in a blanket of comfort. Another Orion doesn’t simply spend time licking its proverbial wounds though, because there are plenty of upbeat hooks to be found here too. Certainly, on ‘Send Me Back To You’ there is a huge portion of cheery Americana that rocks and rolls with bluesy glee and ‘Going To The Country’ delivers the kind of toe tapping rhythm that will get the most stubborn of folks struggling not to move their bodies a little. While Tim Houlihan consistently sticks to all the familiar methods you might expect within the country/Americana genre, his ability to draw from other styles is what gives the record its own special flavour and distinct sound. ‘Beneath The Surface Of The Well’ brings in a jangly guitar tone that’s as much the Byrds as it is early R.E.M. As a result, there’s going to be something here for many music fans to discover and enjoy.

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