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Uncle Watt – Watt’s Happening

Watt’s Happening is a non stop crazy trip of an album from start to finish.

uncle-watt-watt-s-happeningFrom the opening ‘Johnny Was A Spacer (Bonk Bonk)’ it’s clear that this is going to be a pretty nuts ride. The sequenced electronica creates a weird world that we are immediately thrust into and it isn’t certain that there is going to be an easy way out. Uncle Watt’s vocals are often deeply effected with a vocoder that turns his voice into yet another crazy instrument. These wild vocals blend seamlessly with the swirling organs on ‘Goin’ Home’ and help to consolidate a thoroughly psychedelic feel. There are moments such as on ‘Joshua Tree’ where there is more space available for the track to breath, despite Uncle Watt’s signature sound holding strong, which shows leanings towards an old school trip hop sound in the vein of the relatively obscure Forest For The Trees. ‘Dream’ offers some more glacial synth sounds that are mixed in with some staccato guitar distortion that creates some really exciting and fascinating dynamics. While the album overall doesn’t stretch its own boundaries in terms of offering a range of sounds and styles, it certainly sticks to what it does best and gets on with it. Anyone on the lookout for some off-kilter, slightly stranger than usual rock with an electro flavour to it will be in for a good time.

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