Endsight - Ghost Of John

Endsightt – Ghost Of John

Sometimes a track will come along and genuinely take you by surprise, much like how those times when someone wants you to meet one of their friends because they think “You’ll really get on.”...

A Choir Of Ghosts

A Choir Of Ghosts – Ester

There are times when a song has the magical capacity to transport you to another realm. ‘Ester’ is one such track, with its wistful and yearning tones that bring back memories of early Bon...

the front end - growing pains

The Front End – Growing Pains

The Front End deliver a sound that feels certainly authentic, in a way that suggests that the four songs presented on Growing Pains have been given meticulous care and attention.

Scott Smith - Sum of Life

Scott Smith – Sum Of Life

Scott Smith’s music is understated but self assured, with a slight Celtic lilt to be found in the use of acoustic guitar and violin on the opening instrumental that sets the tone for the...